Urban Engineering Studio Royal Borough Kensington Chelsea

Defining the urban characteristics of Notting Hill

Royal Borough Kensington Chelsea, London

Advisors to RBKC on the urban character of Notting Hill to inform estate renewal

Here we are working with Create Streets, advising RBKC on issues related to urban design quality for new streets and places on their estate renewal programme.

The estates are within the boundaries of North Kensington, but because of their layout are physically isolated from their neighbours, the urban streets of Notting Hill.The emerging vision is for the whole of North Kensington to be seamless place of interconnected streets and public places. To inform the design decision making process we have prepared an urban characterisation study for Notting Hill, defining the key parameters that set the recognised high quality of this place.

The conclusions of the characterisation are being used to prepare a design code for future development.


Project: Characterisation study and design code
Client: Create Streets working for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


Study and design code author