Urban Engineering Studio Vatutinki

Proposed urban street in New Vatutinki

Vatutinki, Moscow

Engineering for a major commercial and housing masterplan in South Moscow

As Moscows population continues to grow the city is experiencing an unprecedented demand for more movement both within and to and from the city centre. The city's streets now experience some of the worst traffic congestion in Europe. In response to this growth the city region has developed various strategies to enhance the regional movement profile, but most of these are focused on the improvement of highways and car based travel with less emphasis on more sustainable forms of transport.

Our client is developing a major mixed use scheme to the south of Moscow . Here we have been working on the rethinking movement of strategies, looking to the future and developing materplanning principles for sustainable polycentric development focused on regional and local centres with interconnection to other places in the region.

Proposals include restructuring the existing highway system and the incorporation of new infrastructure based around sustainable principles for movement. New areas will include regional and local shopping centres, leisure facilities, housing and schools.


Project: Masterplan and Transportation strategy
Client: Working for Russipoteka
Lead: JTP Architects


Movement and transport