Urban Engineering Studio Cranbrook

Understanding the growth of a new town within its local context

Cranbrook, East Devon

Reviewing the masterplan for this new town near Exeter

Cranbrook is a new planned settlement to the East of Exeter. It is one of the fastest growing places in the UK, having built over a thousand homes, two new schools, a local shopping centre and a railway station over the past few years. But as it is growing inevitable questions are being asked about the direction of growth and lessons learnt from the development so far.

Our work focusses on a review of the current plan to inform a new planning strategy for East Devon.

Working on the basis of what has worked well and what lessons can be learnt for the future, our work has considered all forms of transport and movement from strategic travel by road rail and air to the design of streets in the plan.


Client: East Devon Council
Lead: Savills


Transport and Movement