Urban Engineering Studio Catford

Engineering streets and removing roads

Catford, London

Town centre masterplan

As London grows Catford is under pressure for urban renewal and change. It’s historic DNA as a place on the Hastings to London road is now buried within a twentieth century shopping centre set amidst a major traffic gyratory system. But the elements of the historic street and movement network remain as human scale elements of the urban fabric.

Our work contributed to the development of a new vision for this area.

The major challenge was reworking the traffic gyratory. We have shown that it can be removed and reworked as a series of two way urban streets with pavements and crossings that bring both sides of the high street together for pedestrians. Along with this, careful change around the shopping centre and routes to the stations means a more human scale street fabric can emerge. A fabric that is appropriate for both local shopping and more strategic uses as Catford grows in importance in this part of London.


Project:Town centre master plan and regeneration strategy
Client: The London Borough of Lewisham
Lead: Allies and Morrisson Urban Practitioners


Transport and Movement