Urban Engineering Studio Beeston Park

Beeston Park Masterplan

Beeston Park, Norwich

Engineering an urban extension to the North of Norwich

At Beeston, we are working on the design and delivery of a major area of growth to the North of Norwich. The plan is for 3,000 homes focused around a new mixed-use centre, for commercial, retail and community use.

The plan includes the diversion of a main ‘A’ road into the new centre to give a passing vitality and life to this new place. The inclusion of a main route in a development like this was originally seen as a major challenge locally, but through our work we successfully established a delivery group with all stakeholders to steer the design through to a satisfactory completion - A new urban high street is to be built. This work has helped secure L.E.P. funding and the first phase will start on site shortly.



Project: Masterplan and delivery strategy
Client: U+I / TOWN
Masterplan: Paul Murrain


Transport, movement and design coding